Shadows of the Ancestors

Infiltrating Shadowheaven

During the travel to the Military Camp the Hero’s where attacked by Goblin skirmishers aimed at preventing the supplies from reaching their destination. After a fierce battle they where able to repell the attackers. Fearing more attacks they pressed forward towards the camp.

After being greeted by Captian Marcus Bran and few days rest they set out on thier next mission: Infiltrate the Cities walls, find out what has happened to the previous party sent and assess the stregth of the enemy.

After a quick battle by the cities walls the heros Malaki and Brandis successfully infiltarted the City. reaching an advantage point and looking over the cities ruins, they saw some activity in the distance and took a closer look.

Apon arrival they found Shava and her wolf companion the remaining suvivors of the last group to enter the city. Helping her defeat the attackers she told them a great powerful relic that they where sent to retrieve. Malaki and Brandis decide to aid Shava in retrive this relic and find them selves before a great tower, with an aura making the illusion that it was made pitch black material and enter…….

The Adventure begins
Chapter 1: The First Act

The King has issued a call to arms to retake Shadowheaven, our adventurers have answered this call and are marching with others to the military camp outside the cities walls. They have to report to Captian Bran who is leading the recovery effort of the city.


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